Could Your City Duplicate what the State of Georgia Did?

In the Fall of 2022, the State of Georgia partnered with RELLEVATE with a one billion dollar disbursement program through DHS.  The program provided cash assistance to Georgians enrolled in a variety of public assistance programs.

By leveraging RELLEVATE’s expertise and innovative solutions, Georgia was able to ensure that the funds reached their intended recipients promptly and accurately. This achievement was especially remarkable considering the sheer scale of the program and the complex web of public assistance programs involved. Through RELLEVATE’s robust platform, the State of Georgia was able to track the disbursements, verify eligibility, and securely transfer funds directly to individuals who were enrolled in specific programs.

Cities are more involved today than ever  in specialty disbursement programs for their communities.

Taxpayers want to know that allocated funds are going to their proper destination and being utilized for their intended purpose.

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